H&M Trend can it be rude or is society that is approaching, discrimination slur?

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After the New Years resolutions, we can all want the best of our own destiny. But not the negativity among others. So, during the dates of January 8th 2018. Where there was discrimination slur against an African American child wearing a sweatshirt stating: ” coolest monkey in the jungle”. However, earlier during the day H and M store analogized to the customers, after that racial discrimination slur that has been appointed.  Moreover, the media has pointed that the marketing increment to the public viewers.  How this situation became very bright up into among of others that were very aware of this situation? Most individuals can see this situation  a problematic and very illusion to the viewers.

Moreover, this discrimination publication became very popular among others of citizens and costumers at the store in H and M. Like twitters reviews of Alex Medina stating: if the brand director had a lack of awareness”. In other words, is how individuals are portraying this issue with the sweatshirts that every child were wearing on. Famous people like the Weekend stated during the accusations of the repugnant controversy with children into shirts that slang words    said; he would not be working at H and M after seeing this issue accumulating into the media.



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