Diddy Might Be Offering 1 Million Contract to Boy From H&M’s Racially Insensitive Advertisement

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The big guns, and by that I mean Sean “Diddy” Combs of course, have now gotten involved in the H&M racially offensive photo controversy. Diddy reportedly offered the H&M child model from the racially offensive advertisement a 1 million dollar modeling contract with his own brand, Sean John

Diddy was one of the many to respond to H&M’s racially insensitive photo of the young black boy wearing a hoodie that reads, “the coolest monkey in the jungle.”

Diddy’s team haven’t released a statement regarding this news, but several media sites such as Hip Hop Overload, Metro, and Ladbible speculate that he has reached out to the youngster and is waiting for a response. Stay tuned to see if anything comes from what would be a spectacular gesture from P. Diddy.

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