Robbin Season is Here!: Donald Glover’s Atlanta is back

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During the Golden Globes on Sunday, FX took the chance to premiere the trailer for season 2 of Atlanta also known as “Robbin’ Season.”

It’s been over a year since the best new show of 2016 was on and it’s finally returning. Fresh off of being the first black man to win an Emmy for directing, Donald Glover is bringing back his surreal and nuance dissection of the rap “come up.” This time it’s focus is on “Robbin’ Season;” the local ATL slang word for the holiday season. In Atlanta, the rate of robberies increase during the holiday season, thus the term “Robbin’ Season,’

The trailer has the same feel of the show, especially, in its weirdness. Peep the invisible chain snatch on Paper Boy towards the end.

Check out the trailer:

Atlanta: Robbin’ Season premieres March 1st.

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