Sarah Silverman Responds With Love and Empathy to Twitter Trolls

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Actor and comedian Sarah Silverman responded to two different trolls on Twitter with a refreshing dose of kindness, sensitivity, and empathy.

It started with Bust Magazine‘s post regarding Silverman’s show, which debuted on Hulu on October 17, I Love You, America.

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Sarah responded to @Bojan_1994 who trolls

I’m open! Sometimes all I know is they have avatars like yours a lot. What is that about? Why not your beautiful face? https://t.co/E5KtTG7mhb

— Sarah Silverman (@SarahKSilverman) December 29, 2017

In response to Silverman’s declaration that she is open to understand Trump voters, tweeter @jeremy_jamrozy lashed out with a sexist trolling comment.

Instead of standing up to @jeremy_jamrozy’s comment with equal aggression or even ignoring the tweet, Silverman disarmingly responded with compassion:

Jamrozy reacted by opening up about childhood abuse, a lack of support in his life and money problems.

Silverman advised, “I want to kill him too so I can’t imagine your rage. All I know is this rage- and even if you could kill him— it’s punishing yourself. And you don’t deserve punishment. You deserve support. Go to one of these support groups. You might meet ur best bros there”.

Jeremy replied, “I will go. But I trust no one I’ve been burned so many times. I’d give the shirt off my back and everytime I get burned I’m super antisocial. I have no friends. I’m sorry I gave u shit.”

Not only did Sarah respond with kind words and advice from her own therapist – “My shrink says we don’t get what we want, we get what we think we deserve. I’m telling you, you deserve so much more than you know” – but she went much further, reaching out via Twitter to the San Antonio community and her 12 million followers in search of a doctor for his back problems.

Within a week, Jeremy Jamrozy was seen by a clinician and treated for five herniated discs (reported by My San Antonio). Jamrozy started a GoFundMe for his back treatment until Silverman offered to pay for his treatment in full; Jamrozy said that this inspired him to donate the money that had already been raised to help other needy San Antonians.

Sarah Silverman’s talk show, I Love You, America, is an attempt to connect with people who differ in her social and political views using her humor, honesty, and sincerity. She believes that connecting with un-like minded people is just as important as relating with like-minded people, now more than ever.

On Twitter, Silverman tests and proves the strength of utilizing love and empathy when faced with hate to bridge the gaps that exist so prominently in our community these days.

Jamrozy tells My San Antonio, “I was once a giving and nice person, but too many things destroyed that I became bitter and hateful. Then Sarah showed me the way. Don’t get me wrong, I still got a long way to go, but it’s a start.”


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