@BrunoMars and @iamcardib Have “Finessed” A New Remix

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Cardi B has literally been doing her thing lately, from her new shoe collection with Steve Madden to being the featuring artist on three singles that are on Billboard Hot 100 list, she has been killing the game.

What’s next for the female rapper you may ask? Well, you don’t have to wait any longer to find out!

After slightly teasing social media about a new musical collab this week, she is officially back with another song called “Finesse,” where she is the featuring artist on Bruno Mar’s new single.

The track “Finesse” feels like a throwback straight out of the 90’s era with strong TLC and Living Color vibes. The song is a very cool, fun, and light song that could possibly help her crossover to mainstream music.

To check out the full song, please click on the video above.


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