Hollywood Women Establish Anti-Harassment Action Plan #TIMESUP

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Actresses Natalie Portman, Rashida Jones, Reese Witherspoon, America Ferrera, and Eva Longoria, lawyers Nina L. Shaw and Tina Tchen, and producer Shonda Rhimes are just some of the few big Hollywood names that have established Time’s Up, an anti-harassment action plan that stands for women from all social and economic backgrounds. The initiative was announced yesterday.

According to The New York Times, the initiative includes the following:

“— A legal defense fund, backed by $13 million in donations, to help less privileged women — like janitors, nurses and workers at farms, factories, restaurants and hotels — protect themselves from sexual misconduct and the fallout from reporting it.

— Legislation to penalize companies that tolerate persistent harassment, and to discourage the use of nondisclosure agreements to silence victims.

— A drive to reach gender parity at studios and talent agencies that has already begun making headway.

— And a request that women walking the red carpet at the Golden Globes speak out and raise awareness by wearing black.”

Political partisans have started to take advantage of the sexual harassment allegations against President Trump and members of Congress, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for the accusers but using them for political gain. The accusers are in danger of being exploited by partisan advantage seekers or by lawyers seeking a limelight, according to Debra Katz, a Washington lawyer. Politicizing the allegations jeopardizes the entire movement as well as the attainment of justice for these effected women.

This action plan could be just what the #MeToo movement needs; it helps working-class women who may not have been as largely represented in light of the high-profile men being accused.

America Ferrera tweeted a photo of herself holding The NY Times issue that included a full-page “letter of solidarity,” announcing the initiative.

You can add your name to the letter of solidarity and donate to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund at https://timesup.com/.

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