Activist Erica Garner Dies of Heart Attack

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Erica Garner, 27-year-old activist and daughter of the man who died in a policeman’s department-banned choke hold in 2014, died on Saturday, December 30th in the morning after several days in a medically induced coma.

Garner’s heart attack, according to Erica’s mother Esaw Snipes, was the result of an enlarged heart complication that followed the birth of her most recent son three months previously. She fought valiantly for survival for several days, but suffered brain damage from a lack of oxygen.

Erica, at a mere 27 years old, was the mother of two children, Alyssa and the recently born Eric III, named after his grandfather.

Those running Garner’s twitter page have asked her followers to support Erica by supporting local foster care systems.

During the 2016 presidential election cycle, Erica Garner emerged as a powerful, unwavering voice against police brutality. She did not seek the spotlight herself; she sought justice with a steadfast resolve that was heard throughout the country. The fire that she brought to her quest for justice and the entire Black Lives Matter movement will not be forgotten, nor will her love for her father. She threw herself into the role of activist with incredible bravery and strength, unafraid to call out the political and social systems for their racism and terror.

In the coming days, months, and years, we will reflect on how Erica and her father changed the course of America’s social history permanently; we will ruminate on how she inspired a movement, united the oppressed, and shed light on a problem that plagues our country. R.I.P Erica; our love and support goes out to her family members.

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