Drake track “pistol” gets leaked

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On Christmas Day lies a newly leaked song by Drake. His newest track “Pistol” has spread across the internet. He has produced the unfinished track with Noah Shebib, also known as “40.” Drake had talked about returning to the studio to produce new hits with artists such as Quavo and Trippie Red. The song focuses on his effort to make his relationship work, and it appears to have a sweet, mellow beat to it.


In his first verse, he says “You say you want me, I don’t ignore you/You said it first, but I meant it more girl/Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah/You got potential, I can’t explain it/You’re so persuasive, I made some changes/Oh, yeah, oh, yeah” and in the hook he sings “Cause I’ve been sleepin’ with a pistol in my bed/I’d rather have you here instead/I gotta get outta my own head/Don’t let me down, come here right now (Yeah)/Don’t let me down, come here right now.”

It was the second leaked track in the past month, and it has created a buzz on Twitter and it could be in line to be one of the best songs of the upcoming year.

Here are the latest tweets:


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