Lavar Ball proposes a new league for high school & college basketball players

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It seems the Ball family continues to create a buzz in the sports industry in 2017, only this time for the good. LaVar Ball plans to launch a new basketball league for players that plan to join the NBA without going to college. Ball wants the league to pay a lowest-ranked player $3000 a month, and the best player gets $10,000 a month. It will feature 80 players on ten different teams, and they plan to play their games at NBA arenas in Los Angeles, Dallas, Brooklyn, and Atlanta.

In an interview with ESPN, Ball mention that the league will create a “jump start on their career” and gain recognition from pro scouts from the NBA. The father of Laker point guard Lonzo Ball, who was drafted #2 in the last summers NBA draft, hopes the league will bring in more talent to change the landscape of the NBA going forward.


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