Pray For Libya.

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The life of a human being is priceless. I find it sad that there are those who do not share the same ideology. Unfortunately, it is 2017 and I’m not surprised by what is transpiring in Libya. CNN has recently released footage of an auction taking place. People were being sold as slaves for a measly $400. Since the issue has gained public attention, many people have taken a stance such as Tessa Thompson, Al Sharpton, and others. There is a great deal of historical content that the average person may be unaware of.
Libya is a country in Africa bordered by Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, and the Mediterranean Sea. In 2011 the government was overthrown. In 2012 there was the Benghazi attack in which a US ambassador and three other Americans were killed by Islamist militants. The country is now known to be “unstable” and also a gateway to Europe. It is frequently used as a transit route and also a destination for those traveling from and to Asia and the lower parts of Africa. Most travel there to find slaves for forced labor and prostitution. Many of these slaves are tricked with the promise of reaching Europe’s shores. Officials from Sebha, a city 650km south of Tripoli, report that they’ve seen several corpses tossed by smugglers in groups. As someone living on American soil, there is nothing else I can do besides bring awareness and pray for Libya, as I would wish the same.

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