Cardi B Nominated for 2018 Grammy’s!

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Cardi! It’s no doubt that it has been a great year for the beautiful Cardi B. She posted to her Instagram how grateful she was for the recognition.


” Two of them !!Thank you Lord. I couldn’t be more grateful ”

Her number one charting song “Bodak Yellow” is nominated for both Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance. Now that’s a great feat for someone so fresh on the scene. Not to mention she’s recently been featured on the song “Motorsport” with the Migos and, the one and only, Nicki Minaj. Cardi also has a feature with G-Eazy that is hitting the clubs hard. I’m sure there are some people who wished they believed in her when she came to them. The Bronx native has had 2017 on “smash” from reality television to the music. I wonder which direction she may be headed in next. Her success is coming at an expeditious rate. From being a stripper to practically being on top of the world at this point, her story is a testament to her grind. As long as you believe in yourself you’ll soon change the minds of those who never thought you could do it. Congratulations Cardi! Keep it up.

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