American Music Awards Less Than A Month Away!

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One of the most highly anticipated and most fan-voted award shows is back for its forty-fifth (45th) time! The AMAs this year, will air on November 19th. The AMAs give the fans of all the talented artists a chance to have a voice allowing them to vote. For anyone who would like to cast their votes, you can do so on There are several categories to choose from so be sure to check them all out.

When looking through the nominees for each category a few faces stick out to me; that of Drake, Bruno Mars, and Kendrick Lamar. Drake is nominated for five categories: Favorite Artist (Rap/Hip-hop), Favorite Album (Rap/hip-hop), Favorite Album (Pop/Rock), Favorite Male Artist (Pop/Rock), and Artist of the Year. He shares company with both Kendrick and Bruno in the category Artist of the Year. 

Kendrick Lamar was nominated for Favorite Album (Rap/Hip-hop), Favorite Artist (Rap/Hip-hop), and Favorite Song (Rap/hip-hop) among other things. Bruno Mars has been nominated for eight (8) different categories. Now he’s definitely had an amazing year so I’m sure some things will go his way.

The Migos have also been nominated for Favorite Album (Rap/Hip-hop) & Favorite Artist (Rap/Hip-hop) as well, in competition with Kendrick and Drake, so this will be interesting to see. We don’t yet know what to be expecting the day of the AMAs but it’ll be a good time! Don’t forget to cast your votes.