Justin Timberlake Will Perform At The 2018 Super Bowl

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In 2004 a young Justin Timberlake got a chance to hit the stage with the legendary Janet Jackson. As a youg girl who is still in love with Janet was super excited to see her perform at the Super Bowl. Little did 14 year old me know that this Super Bowl will go down in scandal history. Janet being the headliner of the Super Bowl brought out Justin Timberlake to perform with her. In the middle of there performance Justin ripped off Jackson’s clothing and exposing her nipple.


Immediately the NFL banned Janet from ever performing at any Super Bowl. Fast forward 13 years latter Mr. Timberlake is invited to perform at Super Bowl 2018. Posting his acceptance on Instagram with his good friend Jimmy Fallon. First invitation to perform was sent out to Brooklyn’s own Jay Z. Hov declined of course due to the NFL’s horrible and despicable views on human rights of the African American players of the NFL and of course our boy Colin Kaepernick still doesn’t have a job after taking a knee during the national anthem last year.

jay jEven thou this Super Bowl incident happen over a decade ago Janet is still banned form the NFL while Justin revives an invitation and accepts. The NFL is making it clear there how they feel on black people and the state of the NFL. Justin took just as much responsibility for that scandal just like Janet did. As everyone is hearing the news for next year performer. The internet is taking a stand with Janet Jackson and speaking on how unfair this decision is.


The Super Bowl LLC will take place February 4th 2018 In Minneapolis, Minn.