Celebrities Join Hand In Hand to Raise Over $44 million

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A-list celebrities put in work Monday night, raising more than $44 million for hurricane survivors. 

When it comes to natural disasters there’s absolutely no way to prevent it. In case you’ve missed it, in a matter of weeks, two hurricanes hit the United States weighing in at a category 5. Several islands and states were affected by both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma leaving thousands without food, water, power, and resources.

Monday night (Sept. 11) celebrities took part in the Hand in Hand telethon benefiting the victims of both tragedies. The event produced by SB Projects, Den of Thieves, and Bun B broadcasted on four networks. Several celebrities were in attendance and actively participating with answering phones and performing. Big names like Usher, Justin Bieber, Diddy, Sophia Vergara, Oprah, Julia Roberts, Drake, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj and so many others.

Stephen Colbert announced during the telethon that Apple donated $5 million dollars. NBA player Chris Paul announced that the NBA players association will be donating $500,000, as well as his personal match to any professional basketball player’s donation up to $20,000.

The event was nothing less than powerful and welcomed. For consecutive natural disasters to occur so close together honestly puts life into perspective. Regardless of their image, celebrities are powerful human beings in this world. So to have A-list celebrities join in together to raise money and donate their own really spoke highly of their character.

To find out more about Hand in Hand, visit handinhand2017.com.