New Video Alert: Bryson Tiller “Run Me Dry”

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We’ve been hearing Bryson Tiller’s voice quite often this year. Anytime you enter a car and the radio is playing you hear Dj Khalid’s Wild Thoughts featuring of course Bryson Tiller and the beautiful Rihanna. I know the ladies have been raving about her recent Fenty Beauty make up release.

Bryson Tiller on the other hand has been working on videos for songs from his album True To Self. Recently he released a video for the song “Run Me Dry”. The song has been said to be about the relationship he has with his girlfriend. When fame and fortune sets in there’s always one question to ask. I take it from Fabolous but people either “love” you because you’ve been official or been beneficial; which one is it? The video takes through you it. Watch it here:

Tiller is taking everything in stride and has really been on his game. While on his “Set It Off” tour with Metro Boomin and others he released the new visual. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more in store from him.