iPhone Conference Update!

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Everyone is raving about the new products especially the iPhone X. Apple is set to release a few products in the near future which include the iPhone 8, 8 plus, iPhone X, Apple Watch, and the Apple TV. For those wondering, it is pronounced 10 and not actually X.

Now for the most anticipated, iPhone X. The phone named “X” to signify and celebrate the tenth year anniversary of the iPhone has various features such as new OLED features to increase accuracy, brightness, and decrease weight. It also comes with an all front screen that eliminates the home button. It is said to contain facial recognition as well. Of course it comes with a faster processor and better camera for the price of $999 if you do choose. 

The iphone 8 and 8 plus feature a new glass casing similar to that of say, the iPhone 4. It also has a better 12MP camera and wireless charging. The third series of the Apple Watch will soon be available. It will now be able to work without the mobile device. Now that’s what I call a game changer. The new Apple TV will be similar to the previous but with the addition of a set-top box. It will be called Apple TV 4K with the ability to stream 4K resolution. Apple along with other corporations such as Facebook and Google are looking into creating original content. If you’re an Apple fanatic I know this news has you excited. We’re definitely ending this year with a bang!