And A Sprinkle Of Black Girl Magic! The ‘Powerpuff Girls’ Reboot Gets A New Character

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90s babies get ready for some exciting news. In case you missed it, we just got another win. There’s a new addition to the Cartoon Network show, Powerpuff Girls and sis looks just like us.

Powerpuff Girls was an iconic show growing up in the 90s. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup enforced girl power to the fullest extent. To young girls in the 90s, they were our superheroes. They kicked ass and took names all day and managed to make it home for The Professor to tuck them into bed.

Although it was amongst one of my favorite cartoons, just like many others — none of them looked like me. Until now. The animated series is adding a Black girl to shake things up. Toya Delazy, a South African singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer will be doing the honors to play the voice for the fourth member. Last year Cartoon Network invited Delazy to create a South African theme song for the show and now she is permanently apart of the crew. look at God.

“I have always dreamed of being the voice of a cartoon character. Never did I think I would be recording a voice-over as the new Powerpuff Girl for Cartoon Network, though!” Delazy told Animation Magazine. “In a nutshell, Cartoon Network was my childhood.”

This is such a win. Although I wish this could have been a part of my childhood, I am ecstatic that young black girls of the new generation will be able to experience this black girl magic. Yes, I am 24, but I’m a 90s baby and I will tune in.

The new Powerpuff Girl will make her debut on September 17 on Cartoon Network, as part of the new mini-movie, Powerpuff “Power of Four.”