Remembering 9/11…

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Who could forget September 11th, 2001? That day everything changed. I’m sure most people could relive it. I was a young boy, about nine or ten at the time. I was in the fifth grade, had just been given an assignment when my dreams came true in the worst way. Teachers started leaving us unattended. Students names were suddenly being called over the intercom. The teachers were in the halls gathering to discuss as to not alarm us, students. What they failed to factor in was that the school is located down the block from the, now, Barclay’s Center, my classroom was on the fourth floor of a six story building, and the windows just so happened to be facing the direction of Lower Manhattan.

It was big on the news. “War On Terror” Two planes crash into World Trade Center! And just like that, the school day was hijacked. Some of my classmates returned to class sad or crying. I felt horrible because I had no worries. My Mother didn’t work in the city but the good in me sympathized with the severity of the situation. Many lives were lost. Innocent people were hurt and injured. Even those sworn to protect and pedestrians were affected. The smoke that filled the air as a result of debris filled the lungs of many who have passed with cancer. A true tragedy. R.I.P. to the many people who have died  My heart goes out to anyone who lost someone as a result of the attacks. Gone but never forgotten. 9.11.2001   

Where were you when 9/11 happened? Comment below.