50 Cent is Power

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We all know 50 gets money. He’s a hustler turned rapper who turned actor & businessman; and that was to say the least. If you happen to be one of those people who do not watch Power, as I say to people who don’t make it to my parties, ‘you’re missing out’.

Recently there’s been a change of heart on 50’s behalf. A while back, he took to social media urging Starz subscribers to cancel. He also threatened to move to other outlets such as BET. He already has a show airing on BET titled 50 Central coming to television Sept. 27th. After making that threat he and the head of Starz, Chris Albrecht, have come to terms. It seems Starz made 50 an offer he couldn’t refuse. So much so that he wrote their name on his forehead.

50 says his hands were shaking when he saw the amount that they gave him. After all, they did green light three (3) more shows for the New York native. Be on the lookout for BMF, Today Tomorrow, and I Got Away. There got to a point with 50 Cent’s music where I didn’t think he could impress me and I say that as a fan. He has now transcended into another stratosphere. His animal ambition is admirable. He takes care of business like no one else does. Real situations, real power moves. Congrats 50!