Stranger Things has Good News

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If you’re a fan of the hit show Stranger Things, then you’ve got great news coming your way. The show’s season 2 is starting October 27th. Before the premier of the second season, the 3rd season is already confirmed for the series. The creators Matt and Ross Duffer revealed that the likely fourth season may be the final season of Stranger Things.

As for the second season of the show, the Duffer brothers suggest that it will be more like a sequel to a movie rather than episodes to a TV show. The plot of the story will widen, expanding things outside of the small town of fictional Hawkins, Indiana. The brothers also say they don’t know if they can justify something negative happening once a year to the kids. Ross Duffer added that “They’re going to have to get the f–k out of this town!” which gives some type of implication of how the Stranger Things story is going to end.