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The 2017 Solar Eclipse

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If you missed the solar eclipse then you’ve missed out on an iconic Earthly event that is rarely visible to our country. 

The last total solar eclipse occurred in February of 1979. ABC News reporter Frank Reynolds envisioned the eclipse falling on “A world at peace.” How’s that for fake news?

A solar eclipse is a phase where the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth. The moon directly crosses in front of the Sun in a sequence of events that lead up to total darkness during daylight. A total solar eclipse is visible from a location on the Earth once every 18 months.

However, depending on where you are located, you may not be able to view this event. From the United States, this event started out in Salem, OR and ended in Charleston, NC.

Depending on your beliefs this event may come across as spiritual for you. Some say the eclipse is a natural reset button. Given the fact that this event occurred during the retrograde. These earthly causes bring about alignment, change, and spiritual development.

Social media was very prominent during the total eclipse. The memes and gifs were hilarious.


So sorry if you missed this rare event. The next total eclipse will occur in April 2024. Let’s all hope this time it will fall in a world on peace.