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RIP Dick Gregory

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The comedy world has lost a legend this past weekend. At the age of 84 comedian and civil rights activist has passed away. Dick Gregory gained notoriety in the 1960’s as a comedian. He broke barriers with his comedy that satirized segregation in this country. Gregory was one of the most successful African American comedians during the 1960’s. He gained popularity to white audiences as well people of color. Despite being a comedian he used his fame to point of the issues of the civil right movement. A close friend of Dr.Martin Luther King Jr, he marched alongside Dr.King and other freedom fighters for equality and justice for African Americans in this country. Later on in his life, he became a motivational speaker, health advocate, and spiritual teacher. He has written an autobiography and wrote about the assassination of Dr. King entitled Murder in Memphis: The FBI and the Assassination of Martin Luther King and countless other books. The legacy of Dick Gregory will live on.