QhackCasanova Releases New Video: ‘The Old 50’

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If 50 Cent had a little brother, it’d be Brooklyn’s own Casanova. He has released a video for one of his latest tracks. The song comes off of his recent mixtape entitled “Be Safe Tho”. I must say it is a bold move to name a song “The Old 50”. After giving us the hit “Don’t Run” and a classic remix to follow up, I’m sure we’re in for more with Casanova as he continues to rise. His energy on tracks is explosive and he certainly didn’t miss a beat with “The Old 50”.

To my surprise, Memphis Bleek was apart of the production team and they did a great job with execution. The video was choreographed as a heist from setup to completion. In and out scenes Casanova with his crew run throughout the video. Gritty, grimy, and ruthless was 50 Cent which Casanova embodied. Growing up listening to 50 Cent, I’m sure it feels like an honor for Casanova to mention his name as such. The bravado and grit are definitely a match; see for yourself in the video below.