Countdown to VMA’s 2017!

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Today, July 20th marks the first promotional video for the 2017 Video Music Awards.

The video is depicted somewhere in space. Throughout the video you see musicians, people spinning and dancing, a floating white dress, the MTV flag placed on the Moon, a snake, and a black guitar. These all seem like random, coincidental things but they are references. As the camera floats around space and the surface of the Moon, you can see the yellow snake. That snake is from Britney’s “I’m A Slave 4 U” performance in 2001. The floating white dress is actually a wedding dress from Madonna’s 1984 “Like a Virgin” show.

The video, in all its celestial traits, is made to pay homage to the award show’s most desired Moonman trophies. The nods and references I assume are for the most memorable moments that we’ve had in the 34 years of the VMAs. Stay tuned for all promotions, information on hosts, and nominees will soon be announced. The 2017 MTV Video Music Awards will air on Sunday, August 27th.