Tracee Ellis-Ross to Play in Magic School Bus?

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It seems like Ms. Frizzle’s shoes have been filled. Just three days ago, Tracee Ellis-Ross tweeted out saying:

This was no random act by Ms. Ross. After months of continued support by the twitter world she finally responded, and with enthusiasm! Many supporters of the idea on Twitter say that she would make the perfect live-action adaptation of Ms. Frizzle if given the opportunity. There’s a saying or so that goes “be careful what you wish for.” Well, I think in this case, the consequences are only good things. These days, in the film industry, once people get to talking about what they like, it magically happens.

There’s no denying that she is definitely the best person for the role in spirit and fashion. I’m sure producers minds are racing. Let’s see if we can make some magic this time around.