Listen: Jus Smith Scores With The Release of His New Album “Game 7”

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They said NY Hip Hop was dead. Well let me testify that the market is still alive and well. Rapper Jus Smith is shaking the city up with his newly released project Game 7.

Today (July 17th), the Harlem based rapper released his full-length album. Jus Smith is making moves and they are not slowing up anytime soon. Instead of following the new found trend of “mumble rap” – he is steadfast on making timeless hits. This 12-track album solely produced by @Drethaoneda makes for lasting content that ensures (IMO) NY is and will always be on the map. Breezing through the tracks will take you on a journey. You have your turn-up songs, your songs that a fit for cruising through the city, and your conscience tracks, that I personally care for. The Production allows you to feel courtside, as snippets of legendary players are sprinkled in between tracks. The creativity brought forth shows exactly the type of artist he is. Not only are literary devices used in his lyrics. But Jus Smith designed the cover art himself.

My particular favorite track off the album is “Crown.” In a society where women (especially black women) are downplayed and degraded, it’s a beautiful feeling to know that there are a few men from our own lineage that appreciate us. When an artist expresses this gratitude I think we can all appreciate it.

In an exclusive mini interview with Jus Smith, I was able to learn more about Game 7 and get to know the man behind the mic as an artist a little better. Take a look below.

Q: How long have you been rapping?

JS: I’ve been rapping seriously since I was 21. However, I have always played around with it as a kid.

Q: Who or what are your inspirations?

JS: My favorite rapper of all time is Jay-Z. But my inspiration is my daughter and life itself. Everything I do is for her – and her existence alone is enough inspiration for me.

Q: What was your motive behind “Crown?”

JS: “Crown,” I just wanted to show women that they’re appreciated in every way still. I see a lot of bashing on social media every day on both genders parts to be honest. But I feel that women don’t feel as appreciated and protected as they should be. Just wanted them to know us type of guys still exist.

Q: How long have you been working on this project?

JS: This project I’ve been working on for about a year. But I haven’t had a project out since 2012 so I really want to say I’ve been working on it for 5 years because everything I’ve experienced within that time frame has gone into Game 7.

Q: How do you feel about NY hip hop?

JS: I love where NY hip hop is and I love the potential it has. I just wish people were more willing to help each other no matter what position someone is in. NY is all competition which is cool but then it becomes a “crab in the barrel” situation which is not a gain for anyone.

Q: Describe your style of music? How does it differ from any other artist?

JS: My style of music is just me which in turns makes me different because myself as an individual is different from others. There is no other Jus Smith as an individual. I’m able to take things that I go through and speak on them straightforward and metaphorically as well. Most importantly I’m just rapping man. Not trying to do something that is not me.

Q: Whats the inspiration behind the albums basketball theme?

JS: With Game 7, I was going through so much in the process of this project and it made me notice that life is a Game 7 at least for me. Although life gives you chances sometimes you’re put in predicaments where it’s like “This is it” you know? You either win or go home and that’s the mind frame I had and maintained
Game 7 is available now through all major streaming services. Listen below.