Janelle Monae is a Top Choice for Charlie’s Angels Remake

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Sony is recreating the infamous Charlie’s Angels and Janelle Monae is said to be a ‘top choice’.  The singer/Actress recently starred in two movies: Moonlight, which won an Academy Award for Best Picture and Hidden figures, which was nominated for three Oscars and two Golden Globes.

It is reported [Tracking Board] that Sony wants one of the Angels to be black, which is not far off the path of the original 2000 version, where Lucy Liu, an actress who is of Chinese descent played one of Charlie’s beautiful Angels.


Monae is said to be starring in another film about a man who suffered from a coma and became artistically influenced to create a masterpiece in his own backyard. That film is adapted from a documentary entitled Marwencol. The film is about Mark Hogencamp and his life after becoming conscious.

Essence reported that the creators of  Narcos, Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro are preparing to revive the script and the goal is for the film to hit theaters in 2019. So watch out for it when it does comes out! Monae has more doors opening for her.