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90’s Babies Get Ready “Hey Arnold!” is Coming Back This Fall.

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Every 90’s kid should be jumping up and down at this piece of news: Hey Arnold is back!

The nostalgia is real. Buzzfeed released the first look at the trailer for Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie resurfacing on cable television. Hey Arnold! ended back in 2004 with a cliff hanger of unanswered questions. The final episode ended with the football-headed character stumbling upon a map in the back of his father’s journal while in search of clues as to what happened to his parents.

The movie will pick up where the television show left off. The characters will just be one year older than they were back then. The show will be coming back in style with an upgrade to their wardrobes as well.

“We’re gonna start with that map and that map is gonna play all the way through the story,” Bartlett (the creator of Hey Arnold!) explains. “So, uh, these fifth graders are presumably headed to the jungle.”

Helga, Gerald, Harold; I think all of us will gather around Twitter and watch this reboot as a family. The movie is set to premiere Nov. 23rd.