2 Chainz uses TRAP House for HIV Testing

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Recently as a promotional strategy for his new album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, Rapper 2 Chainz has leased a Pink Trap House in Atlanta. It has been heavily talked about and has attracted many tourists.

The House painted in bright pink with big bold black letters that reads “TRAP”, is also an art gallery. The rapper didn’t stop there. 2 Chainz did promo for his album with the Trap house, he also used the house as an HIV testing center, allowing people to visit and get a free HIV screening.

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2 Chainz has also used the Trap House as a church. Fox 5 News reported that different community groups in Atlanta gathered together and invited people to attend church at the house.

Pastor Michael Wortham who was in attendance during the service told Fox 5 Atlanta that the house is doing more for the community than just being a tourist attraction.

“I appreciate 2 Chainz and the whole team for putting this house up because in a lot of respects it’s reminding people that this is a real thing in our city,” said Wortham.  “So people come and take pictures, put it up on Instagram and walk away, but there are a lot of people who aren’t able to walk away from this daily reality.”