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Rhythm of the Night Recap!

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On Wednesday, June 28th, the beautiful Sha Collins hosted Rhythm of the Night alongside co-host, A Boogie With Da Hats. Sounds Of Brazil, commonly known as S.O.B.’s, was a packed house on that night. I was unaware of what was about to take place before me, but with so many people in the building, I could only expect the best.

The show kicked off with four women back to back all of whom brought something different to the table. The rhythm of that night had to be lust because Judaea seduced my ears from her opening song making me want to rock with her for the night. Larayne brought it back to the true meaning of rhythm and soul. She showed off her versatility as she brought out her dancers and came down from the stage to show the audience the raw passion of her soul. Imani Jaye had the crowd vibing out to her song “Thirsty”. She definitely is not shy and has a great sense of humor which made for a wonderful performance. Although there was a slight delay of her set, Nire did more than make up for it. Her presence was felt on the stage. She put on a show bringing out all the stops. She said “this ain’t for you” in a song dedicated to her ex, but I hope she knows she is for music.

The first male performance was the featured artist Barrington. Ms. Collins had little to no words to describe Barrington’s performance. At the end of it, I was speechless myself. He brought a different energy and charisma to the stage. This may not have been the BET Awards but he came and shut it down anyway. If I could guess, he’d probably say to me “didn’t they tell ya”. Juriel got the party started the right way adding some Caribbean flavor to his music. He also earned my respect by singing Happy Birthday to his mother on stage at the legendary S.O.B.’s. It turned into a celebration after that because Shareef funked the place up! He had me in my seat trying to imitate James Brown with the dance moves he pulled out. By the time I was halfway there, he already had a soul train line going in the middle of the dance floor.

Tina from Yonkers took me back to reality where the harshness of this world is uncovered. People are liars. It is as simple as that, yet she made a song of it explaining that everyone deserves honesty. The brightness of her outfit matched her bright personality. Lucille represented for Oakland and also ended the night with a lesson of her own: be respectful. Now that’s a rhythm for everyone! I tip my hat to all those who performed that night.


P.S.- For social media info on the artists see list below.


Judaea: JudaeaV (Instagram)

Larayne: Mslarayne (Instagram/Snap)

Nire: Nireofficial (Instagram)

Imani Jaye: Imani.jaye (Instagram)

Tina: singtinayao (Instagram/Youtube/Snap)

Barrington: Be_Elect (Instagram)

Juriel: Jurielalexander (Instagram)

Shareef: Shareefkeyes (Instagram)

Lucille: Lucilleghatti (Instagram)