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Tinashe Recieves Backlash On Twitter After Colorism Comments

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Black Twitter was not here for Tinashe’s recent comments regarding her career.

The singer recently sat down with The Guardian in which she discussed her thoughts on colorism in the black community.

“Recently, my cousin was with a friend of a friend, who was in high school, and she was like: ‘I’m a fan of Kehlani,’ but in a way that was like, ‘So I can’t be a fan of Tinashe, too.’ Then my friend posed the question, ‘Why not be a fan of both?’ It’s kind of like sport; people feel like they have to pick a side. There are hundreds of [male] rappers that all look the same, that sound the same, but if you’re a black woman, you’re either Beyoncé or Rihanna. It’s very, very strange.”

While colorism is an issue in the black community, Twitter felt this was not the issue regarding The Flame singer.

It’s apparent that everyone is just not a fan of Tinashe. There are several successful biracial entertainers (Drake, J Cole, Mariah Carey)

“There’s colorism involved in the black community, which is very apparent. It’s about trying to find a balance where I’m a mixed woman, and sometimes I feel like I don’t fully fit into the black community; they don’t fully accept me, even though I see myself as a black woman. That disconnect is confusing sometimes. I am what I am.”

Maybe a rebranding can save the issues she’s facing,