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New Video Alert: Rick Ross ‘Idols Become Rivals’

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Rick Ross has a lot to say about Cash Money Co-Founder Bryan “Birdman” Willams. When he released his album “Rather You Than Me” in March the album track “Idols Become Rivals” stirred a lot of controversies. The single speaks of his relationship with Birdman.He used to look up to him but money changed him.  The visual for the song has been released.Like many of  Rick Ross videos, this video was a like a mini movie. In the album, Chris Rock leads the song intro. For the music video, the opening scene shows a preacher in a church telling his congregation if you will choose God or money. The song then opens up to Rick Ross 302-acre, 104-room estate labeled the promised land. Some visuals that pop up in the video are what seems to be a Cash Money contract burning up, L.A. Reid’s book, and platinum plaques. Rick Ross is also seated in a church. This video is visually appealing.See the video below. Will Birdman respond to the video?