Nas to Heat Up the Summer?

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Nas, the rap icon, hints that his album is coming soon. Since 2012, rap fans have been awaiting a project to follow Life Is Good. Since then, the Queensbridge rapper has been laying low. In recent times a photo circulated the Internet, posted from Nicki’s account, which could suggest that the two are dating. Many took to Twitter to show their support for the alleged couple. Nicki later confirmed on the Ellen Show that the two are getting to know one another and have had “sleepovers”. Who knows what that means but, I know when to mind my business. A little over a week ago, the infamous lyricist announced a joint tour with the legendary Lauryn Hill of whom featured on his song “If I Ruled The World”. The tour is set to kick off in September.

The news of a new album this summer came from a NY Times interview with the rapper. A day with Nas according to the interview, involves shopping for new gear in the dopest spots in the city, Caribbean food at Sweet Chicks, in which Nas has a stake in, and heavy beats at the studio. While there, the question was asked “So, are you done with the album?” Nas replied: “two weeks” “I always say I’m two weeks away from finishing.” During the studio session, Nas selected beats for his project. After having chosen a few he yelled: “We coming this summer, baby!” “It’s going to be a hot summer up here, man!” Time to enjoy our cold drinks this summer as we await the heat.