ItsTheReal’s Debut Album ‘Teddy Bear Fresh’

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Jeff and Eric Rosenthal, better known together as ItsTheReal have finally released their debut album titled Teddy Bear Fresh.

The duo are widely known for their wild humor and comedic talents. Hailing from NYC, For over ten years the multi-faceted pair has had their hands in on-air commentary interviewing, podcasting and rapping. After four years since the release of their mixtape Urbane Outfitters Vol. 1 and backing by heavy hitters in the game, they have brought forth a full-length 11-track album.

While hip-hop and comedy can go really right or far left, the Rosenthal brothers stray far away from the unnecessary satire rap. “The one thing that stands out is that it’s not a parody. It’s not us doing a so-so job when it comes to putting out content. That’s been the thing our whole career. Sketches, podcasts, TV, music, or whatever it is, we want to make sure that we put out a product that people aren’t ashamed to listen to, that people aren’t ashamed to watch, and spread the word on,” Eric Rosenthal told Billboard .”When it comes to rapping — just like our mixtape — we wanted our album to be top-notch. Our comedy comes across in an authentic and true way. We wanted to really work at our craft and put out something that was the highest quality possible. We think that’s what separates us from any other comedians out there who are or were also rapping. We wanted to have something that had great re-listenability, that was something you can bump, sounded extremely legitimate, and we wanted people to be surprised by the bars that we brought.”

Surprisingly these brothers have something to say. This album contains features from a few notable figures in the game such as Angie Martinez, Bun B, Curren$y, Smoke DZA and more.

Stream the album below: