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@AbsolutelyDope Top 10 Favorite #Underground Music Videos!

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Those videos that you just keep watching over and over again…

It’s just something about them that makes you hit replay.

Good quality, creativity, and substance is all it takes to get the views!

These are my top 10 favorite music videos from the underground scene.

And don’t be afraid to hit like, drop a comment or hit these artists directly if you’re feeling these videos below, too!

Gold Hippy x Yung Jewlz – “Always Reppin” (Official Video)

Jennaske – “IDK” (Official Video)

Jay Ham – “Top Of The World” (Official Video)

SlimSkyView – “Librarian” Good Drank Remix (Official Video)

ConPlex – “Diamonds & Gold” (Official Video)

KWOAT – “Toast” (Official Video)

So Sick Ft. Vinci – “Dump” (Official Video)

Cash Sinatra – “NAH” (Official Video)

O Banga – “Deadass” (Official Music Video)

Loyal Duce Ft. Fameschool – “Finesse” (Official Video)