Gabourey Sidibe Releases First Book Entitled ‘This Is Just My Face’

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Actress Gabourey Sidibe, known for her debut role in the movie ‘Precious’ has released her first book ever!

Sidibe is also notable for many roles, such as Becky in Fox’s Empire, and American Horror Story. With the release of her book, she is allowing people to see her when she’s not under the spotlight.

This memoir, entitled ‘This Is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare’ takes a deeper look at Sidibe’s humble beginnings. She talks about what she endured as a child having to witness her parents going through a divorce and she also talks about how she’s dealt with the body shaming throughout the majority of her career, and how she felt about herself.

In this new exclusive book, the Brooklyn native even talks about how people associated her with the first character she played, Precious. In an excerpt from an audio book Sidibe mentions that people dressed up as Precious for Halloween and how she was far from amused.

“Someone sent a picture featuring a black man wearing jeans and a sweater” Sidibe said “He had a pillow under his shirt and more pillows down his leg so he looked both pregnant and fat—in one hand he held a composition notebook and in the other an empty bucket of fried chicken as his prop, he was standing next to a black woman in a grey jogging suit smoking a cigarette and holding a skillet as if it were a bat, Mary, Precious’ mother…Hilarious”

Sidibe also talks about her rising to stardom after the movie ‘Precious’ but mentions that her similarities to that character stop with that film.

‘This Is Just My Face: Try Not To Stare’ audio book is available on Audible.