SNS Gets His “Bread Up” On His New Single

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      Harlem’s own SNS dropped his new single today, titled “Bread Up (Dougie)” produced by Joey Vutton off of his latest mixtape “Luv Me Now B4 They All Luv Me”. This mixtape also includes the ever popular hit “Love Come Down”. If there was ever an ode to the film “Paid In Full”, this would be it. With the chorus stating:

      “I remember when we had them packs out/Now I hit the stage in front of packed house/ Shorty wanna do me in this trap house/ Feel like Killa Cam when I blow her back out/Imma hit the Dougie with my leg up”

      Also with lines like: “Shorty wanna do me watchin’ Paid In Full/ Probably cause she know we young and paid in full.” SNS is destined to bring the lyricism back to NY as well as the hiphop game and I have a strong feeling will be hearing this song a lot at parties this summer here in NYC. Listen for yourself…