Lil Yachty Reveals Cover Art and Tracklist for New Album “Teenage Emotion”

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Am I the only one who really care about cover art? Rapper Lil Yachty mention this line in 2016 on a Chance the Rapper track in 2016. Well, it seems to be so.

Yachty unveiled earlier this year that the title of his debut album would be called Teenage Emotions. Finally, after a series of push back, Lil Boat reveals the cover art and tracklist for his latest project dropping on May 26.

Lil Yachty self-titled himself as “the voice of the youth.” He mentioned last year in an article for the New York Times,

“I’m the face of the youth, the new sound. Nobody likes my truth,” he states. “They relate to me because I’m so like them,”

The cover, shot by renowned photographer Kenneth Cappello defiently lives up to that hype. Several nuances are depicted that all seem to tie in with the album theme. A male couple kissing, an albino kid, as well as a girl who is stricken with vitiligo. Mihailo Andic, who graphically designed the album cover mentioned in XXL 

“He’s [Lil Yachty] pretty much the king of teens and he just wanted to show no matter who you are, you have to embrace who you are and you have to be proud and be yourself.”

The album includes features from YG, Diplo, Migos, Sonyae Elise and more. Yachty also announced the launch of new a web store where you can purchase merch such as a replica fruit loops grill, pre-sale tickets to his upcoming tour, even a cassette copy of Teenage Emotion.

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