Daze Summit Recap: Day 1 DJ Panel

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Daze Summit started off with a bang on Thursday, April 6th, 2017. There was a host of events to attend both in Brooklyn and Manhattan. One of those events was the DJ Panel, curated by Mor.Bookings own DJ Blackout. The panel was made up of three DJs, DJ Bam Bam CEO of the Bully Club, Celebrity DJ; DJ Trueblends and Power 105.1 DJ Frank Roth. This panel was a very informative one, as it focused on many topics such as hard work, dedication, support each other, networking, branding and more. 
For the guests who attended this panel, they learned the importance of staying consistent and relevant in order to make it in the business. They also learned the do’s and don’ts of how to approach a DJ while at the club, in public or even on social media. After the panel discussion was over, guests and the panel had a chance to network with each other and get a personal outlook on the next step in their careers and life in general. Overall, Day 1 of Daze Summit was a success. Stay tuned for more recaps coming soon.