Daze Summit Day 4: So Ambitious 4

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So Ambitious 4 hosted by Benny Pitts, (below) which just so happened to land on the fourth day of the Daze Summit festival, was definitely a good time filled with great talent.

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To kick off the show, Reese P touched the stage. Almost immediately I fell in love with her flow as did the crowd she performed for. Her catch phrases “hashtag” and “smoove” created a connection with the audience livening the venue as she should. A little while after her was another dope talent or duo rather, by Cashrac and Kenny LS. Cashrac performed his first track which had a New York feel to it which I definitely appreciated. As a New York artist, it surprised me when he showed his versatility on his second track featuring Kenny LS. Kenny stole the show with his personality and smooth vocals seeming to have the crowd buzzing.

To follow the show Cashrac and Kenny LS put on, the group Equally Opposite touched the stage. Delivering a phenomenal performance, Equally Opposite, was welcomed by the crowd. Benny even focused on the group for a while because of the obvious racial differences of the duo which make them unique. Thier individual uniqueness complements one another in a way you would have to see in person.

Equally Opposite

 15535582_1440799085930808_3907741166375796736_n Mani the Mogul, as she goes by, showcased her array of talents before the crowd. Being in her presence, one thing I noticed is what you see is what you get. The fun personality that you get on stage is who you meet off stage. For the second female to have performed for the night, she definitely showed some versatility in that she could both rap and sing. Did you know rappers come out of Africa too? Kinte, a West African rapper came out to bless the stage from the Motherland. Although it varied from the previous acts before him, I was able to feel the passion in Kinte’s performance.
The well known Kwoat was in also in the building for So Ambitious 4. He hit the stage hard performing with great energy as usual. The crowd fed off of his energy which was a good segway into DRIP’s performance. He had a good flow and came with great energy which the audience loved. The entourage he came with added another boost as you could feel the change in atmosphere. To end the show were two totally different acts. A soulful vibe in Sakirah Iman who I thought was refreshing from a long night. Tribe NYC also came with some old school flavor to satisfy the taste of hip-hop enthusiasts. I’m sure the next sequel to the So Ambitious showcase will have more talent from NY and abroad.