Daze Summit: Spring Break Festival

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Well, it’s official the Daze Summit Spring Break festival has started. Day one started off with showcases at various venues in Manhattan. The one I had the pleasure of seeing was 5 years in the making. The winners were Wong Tunes, Prom Knight, and The Lordz. After every showcase three acts are chosen to be screened to fly out to the BET awards.

Day two was held at the Deep End, Touch the Stage. The winners of this event were, Majik from Atlanta, OGWN (Original Weird Negus) from Brooklyn and Tito B. The acts were so good they decided to add a fourth winner, Priscilla. She will move on to perform at SOBs on Monday April 10th at the Show Me What You Got stage.

The Daze Summit festival have proven to be an excellent networking and social event. I encourage every and experience what the industry has to offer. The proceeds of the ticket sales will be going towards sending a high school student to college on a full scholarship.


The full line up of stages.