Dj Khaled’s Grateful Album is Top Secret [Photos]

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As of yesterday, Dj Khaled has been releasing videos and posting pictures on his Instagram showing the growth of his forthcoming album.

The pictures and videos are all adding to the already existing hype behind his 10th studio album. He posted a video asking his friend Juan “Did the Rihanna vocals come in yet” and the response was that everything is top secret. Other posts on his Instagram feature pictures with him and Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, Jay-Z, Diddy, Alicia Keys, and also Travis Scott. As usual Dj Khaled will have a star studded line up on his songs.

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One of the posts, featuring Travis Scott, is captioned saying “Khaled this your biggest album” and Khaled replied saying “#GRATEFUL”. One of the videos that might be creating some of the most buzz is where Khaled is asked how many songs on the album does he have with Chance the Rapper. Khaled replies saying he might put a number of songs on the album but of course he won’t reveal because “everyTING”, as he would call it, is top secret.  At the Grammy’s, Chance the Rapper made a comment reinforcing the secrecy of the album but did mention that he was “very involved in the project”. With all of hip-hops favorite artists all on one album, I must say I cannot wait to see what Khaled has in store for us.