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Grammy Recap: Beyoncé’s Performance

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Pic Via Twitter @Power105
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Everytime Beyoncé performs live there is only one question that comes to mind “Can she out do herself the next time around?”.  The answer to that question is Yes and her performance at the 59th annual Grammy Award proves it all.

Queen Bey pulled out all of the stops during her performance. She proved the doubters wrong about her pregnancy with twins via hologram, then in person when she finally hit the stage. Beyoncé wore a gorgeous gold gown with the matching gold accessories in which she resemble a goddess while surrounded by over 20 dancers and a lot of flowers. The singer did a medley mash up of “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles”.

During her performance, Beyoncé and her dancers served the audience and fans watching from home, with one of the most profound dance routines ever. The routine also kept everyone on the edge of their seat as the chair Beyoncé was sitting in began to lean backwards giving the impression that she was going to fall out of it. Luckily it was all a part of the show.

If you missed this amazing, nine minute performance by Queen Bey, you can check it out here.