The Sex Issue: First Up- Young M.A.

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The issue of sex and gender identification has become more and more a household conversation in recent years. It appears more aggressively these days in our television shows both for adults and children. Although it might make a few people uncomfortable, Young M.A. is just coming into her own.


Recently the artist has been featured on the cover of the Fader’s first “Sex Issue“. On her Instagram post, the Brooklyn born artist expresses her gratitude for being chosen for the cover, and the first at that. During the interview for the magazine, she explains that she’s just regular. She seems not to buy into her own hype as a celebrity but rather a simple individual like you and me. She said: “I still feel normal. Like, I don’t feel like I’m a superstar. I still put myself in a position to be humble, to be normal. I don’t live in a big house, I’m not real extravagant or anything. I just like to be regular. I don’t want to lose myself.”

This is the acclaim of most artists in the industry, but Young M.A. is loved for who she is. Yes, at first it was a surprise that the timeless song “OOOUUU” Funk Master Flex kept spinning was hers, but once the initial shock passed, no one can deny her talent. She has to some extent become a spokesperson implicitly for the LGBT community and an icon in the eyes of all. She doesn’t wish to be identified by her sexual orientation, but simply just a beacon of light to give others purpose.

The rapper states that people from all walks of life approach her saying that she has ignited a fire inside them giving them the desire to go out and chase their dreams the same way she did. A few years ago, gay people in the music industry would’ve been frowned upon. Young M.A. bum-rushed past the gatekeepers opening avenues to other talented individuals who otherwise wouldn’t pursue those talents. She’s one of the most lyrical artists of her generation and I hope to see continued success throughout her career.

Congratulations Young M.A. on your feats! Keep doing this for your brother, and keep doing this for Brooklyn.