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Drake Calls Out Donald Trump

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During one of the stops on Drake’s “Boy Meets World” Tour in London, Drake calls out Donald Trump saying “F**k that man!” to his fans.

Recently, President Donald Trump has placed an immigration ban that stops new immigrants, and refugees from entering the U.S, the immigration ban temporarily stopped green card holders from traveling here but was exempted.

The rapper, very passionate, took a break between songs to express to his fans about how he feels about what is happening.

“Everyday I wake up, I see all this bullsh*t going on in the world. People trying to tear us apart, people trying to make us turn against each other—If you take a look around in this room, you’ll see people from all races and all places—If you ever thought for a second that any one man is gonna tear this world apart, you’re out of your motherf**king mind! It’s on us to keep this sh*t together, F**k that man!”

With much cheerful applaud, his fans supported his words as he ranted on about love and peace. Even though the rapper didn’t actually mention Donald Trump’s name, it was well implied who he was talking about

Watch and listen to what he had to say below: