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DS: Black History Month: Pays Homage to New Edition

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New Edition is one of the best yet underrated R&B Groups of all time. For many who don’t know, they faced a lot of trials and tribulations as a group as well solo artists from being one the most successful groups in the world, still living in the projects with a successful album and sold out tours, to having to split their first check of $1.87 between five families and more. This group also had issues with each other due to their egos, and more. Despite all of the internal problems that this group has faced, they never let it get in the way of pleasing their fans.
New Edition, made up childhood friends of Ralph Tresvant, Michael Bivins, Bobby Brown, Ricky Bell, Ronnie DeVoe and Johnny Gill, who later stood in the place of Bobby Brown, has become a successful staple in the music industry to its fans but have been cheated out of a lot of deals during the beginning of their career which would cause them to take matter into their own hands.
New Edition’s story has been told on many different platforms over the years, but it was best explained in the 3 part mini-series that aired on BET this past January. This three-part movie entitled The New Edition Movie chronicled the story of how the group was originally started, the issues that ensued within the group. The movie helped put in perspective for fans, the struggles that this R&B group went through to get the proper acknowledgment that they well deserve today. A day before the movie, New Edition received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with all six members in attendance. New Edition’s contribution to the music industry with their love ballads, hip-hop and r&b mixtures, or pop sounds has yet to go unnoticed and it is greatly appreciated by fans and music lovers all over the world.

Pic via Twitter @New Edition
Pic via Twitter @New Edition