DS: Black History Month- Patti LaBelle’s Top 10 Songs We Love

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Pattie LaBelle has inspired generations of soul singers, just ask Alicia Keys or Mary J Blige.

We love and know her for pushing every note over the top…

Legendary, timeless, the list goes on but we can’t deny the joy her music brings.

In honor of Black History Month we celebrate a living legend, Pattie LaBelle.

Classics on classics, but I was able to break it down to a list of 10 jams that we all could appreciate!

Did your favorite Pattie LaBelle song make the list?

1. “If Only You Knew” I’m In Love Again (1984)
2. “Over The Rainbow” The Spirit’s In It (1981)
3. “Come What May” It’s Alright With Me (1979)
4. “New Attitude” Beverly Hills Cop (1985)
5. “If You Asked Me To” Be Yourself (1989)
6. “On My Own” Winner In You (1986)
7. “You Are My Friend” Patti LaBelle (1977)
8. “Stir It Up” Beverly Hills Cop (1985)
9. “There’s A Winner In You” Winner In You (1986)
10. “I Don’t Go Shopping” Released (1980)