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Now Everybody Wanna Riot

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It is quite laughable and disturbing, that the majority of social media feels that Trump is not their president, when unfortunately for us, he is. Maybe it is due to the fact that millennials who were young during the Bush and Clinton reign did not realize that politricks have been going on since the beginning of time. I mean blacks; were not considered humans when this country was built. Marinate on that. It is, however, understandable as to why the majority of us in America, feel like all hope is lost. Ultimately, it is no surprise that the inauguration of Trump is thought to bring years of mental shackles. Posing questions to the majority of the people of the United States, “What change will Trump bring? Now from the beginning of his election, Trump has managed to say all the wrongs things at the wrong time yet he still is our nation’s president, leaving many to wonder who actually voted for him . Evidently not the people who protested against trump, or did they? These are thoughts and conversations which doesn’t phase Trump,  why? Because he is president and even if the people do not support him now, nothing can change that unless he gets impeached. So we all have to suffer from him being our “leader” for the next 4 years. Over the weekend we saw a vast amount of women and men march against president Trump. Convenient everyone now wants unity and togetherness when it affects the majority,  but my question is where all these women and men were and their thoughts of injustice, when black boys were being maliciously murdered by police. Where were all these women when Sandra Bland’s story came out, and the countless other stories of police brutality? Oh, the irony, when something directly affects the “majority” how fast they can rise up and fight for justice against our common oppressor “Trump”  yet a vast majority were silent when things were not affecting them directly. Oh, and did we forget that 53 percent of white women voted for Trump.  I saw a meme that fully resonated with me, Majority of the people at the march are only protesting because of fear of being treated like minorities.

Although a significant amount of people appeared to not have shown up at the inauguration, being passive on the fact that he is president will not change a damn thing.  He intends to cut The Affordable Care Act, Obama care, his office selection intends on reforming education,  to their perception of what is needed, yet many are focused on “This Pussy Grabs Back”.  Presidents really do not have the power to change things, they have to go through congress.  When we realize that we are mere puppets in the government’s circus, and if you are really “woke” this election would not have phased you. I rather a devil in the light than a demon disguised as a guardian angel any day. Racism did not come with Trump it’s been here, Black kids are still being incarcerated at an alarming rate, the school system is some shit and they are making it harder and harder for low-income families to feed themselves. The hoods have been the same no matter who is in power. Democrats and Republicans are two sides to the same coin and we have to remember although they are different parties, they work for the same entity. So to sum it up, stop focusing on what the government wants you to focus on, yes i said government.  Majority do not even know what Trump is giving or  taking away, the movement has gone from fighting for rights to personal opinions and agenda. Ask majority who is their local legislature councilman and or congress member name  and you’d get blank stares. Let’s not be distracted this man is our president for the next 4 years, and ain’t shit you can do about it. Focus on the matters you can change, our communities depend on it.


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  1. Excellent read Michelle, very informative. Where were these people with Sandra Bland and all the other countless number of shootings.

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