Louis Vuitton Finally Goes SUPREME!

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By: Aliyah Brogdon

Once upon a time not long ago, really it was only back in 2000, the team at Supreme wanted so badly to collab with the likes of the great Louis Vuitton but when they couldn’t make the collab happen through the regular means, they chose to seek a cosign and put out a line of LV-inspired logo T-shirts, beanies, and skate decks. Long story short, the closest they got to this collab was a cease and desist letter and were forced to put out a recall on all the items that no one in their right mind took seriously.

Fast forward 17 years and we are looking at a collection that will change the game. Louis Vuitton debuted the dual-branded line during their Fall-Winter 2017 show in Paris. The collection never came out of nowhere though, the buzz has been going around for months. We had all but confirmed that the collab we all so badly wanted was happening when earlier this week A$AP Bari posted a photo to his Instagram story wearing what appeared to be a Supreme x Louis Vuitton Bandana.

Now we have a full view of the collection that features bags, scarves, shirts, and a skate deck that comes with its own LV trunk. Our personal favorite of the collection has to be the classic Louis Vuitton and Supreme box logo tee. The depth of the collab is much more than we could have ever asked for and we can’t wait for it to be launched. In true Supreme fashion, the collection will start its roll out July 17th in Louis Vuitton stores and potentially a few peaceful shopping experiences at some non-chaotic pop-up shops. But one thing is for sure, the Supreme community will learn which fans are truly die hard because since this a dual-branded product the designs we are fawning over right now will leave us with a price tag that will match Louis Vuitton and everything they’ve ever put out.