Dreams of a Cadi with Basqui’

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By: Krista

As a child, you always wanted something and would go through hoops just to obtain whatever it was. Groundbreaking artist Basqui’ and his new song “Cadi” are something to be reckoned with. This is a song which has similar taste to the type of music that is popular now and a song a person would hear in the club or on the radio.

Basqui’, a young rapper from Brooklyn, NY, has actively been in the underground rap scene for quite some time and has a significant following on Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud. His songs on Soundcloud have over 14 thousand hits in total. Talk about having a buzz! Basqui’ is just getting started and I don’t see him stopping for a long time especially with the release of “Cadi”.

In “Cadi” Basqui’ raps about his dream of owning his car which would either be a Cadillac hence the name of the song “Cadi” or a Chevy. Obtaining a dream car would not be easy as Basqui’ rhymes about the lengths he had to go to in order to get what he wanted with complete disregard for the law. This single, produced by Hype, is definitely a hit for this up and coming artist and you can listen for yourself.